March 27th, 2016


A quick update

Went to a class reunion yesterday - happened to be in my home city - which was interesting. Reminded me how much I like a few close friends in the class, and that I should see more of them, and how profoundly I don't care about all the rest. People were . . . oddly affectionate towards me. A lot of virtual strangers (my shonky memory) beamed at me or squeezed my shoulder as they went past. I suspect I was a 'character', back in the day. I was certainly the only one wearing bright red (yesterday, but probably back then as well), in a sea of boring blue-beige-grey and way too much plaid. On the very definitely plus side, the band was great (the Hipstamatics, a large Auckland cover band who do jazz, Motown and disco - they had a sound tech who wandered around the room doing wireless audio-mixing on his ipad - first time I've seen that!) so I had a good dance, which was notable because a) I danced for some time without any back pain (thank you keto-diet and abs exercises) and b) I earned a slice of lime-coconut cheesecake as dessert once I got home. Good times!

Blackglass ([personal profile] xdiorix) podficced my multi-crossover story "Five Times the Wraith Invaded Earth But Were Thwarted" - the podfic is here, yay! It was for the sound effects square of a podfic bingo and the Wraith voices in it are excellent.

The Ante-up Losers exchange went live. I got Whatever Happens from [personal profile] chibifukurou (a lovely post-movie fic with Jolene being her usual awesome self) and I wrote Holding On, Holding Out for [personal profile] tommygirl (The Losers/Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG1). Beaming technology: such a great fix-it for character deaths.

In less good news, my internet connection is FF again (frequently fucked). Sooo sick of it. Also, I really can't afford another hour on hold with my provider's tech support line, because: *points down*

Updates on these, to keep me on track with THE SCHEDULE (3000 words today and tomorrow, eep, as it's a public hol and I missed yesterday).

SGA Reversebang story No. 1. (John/Rodney Regency romantic adventure)

SGA Reversebang story No. 2. (Teyla/Kate Opera AU)