April 4th, 2016


TL;DR. Also, domestic hassles and a recipe

Agh agh agh.

SGA Reversebang story 2 is finished, betaed and draft-posted (Teyla/Kate opera AU)

But SGA Reversebang story 1 (John/Rodney Regency romance/adventure AU) KEEPS ON RUNNING. It's like that Doobie Brothers song. I reckon it'll be 20,000 now, because there is STILL MOAR PLOT. Agh. But, 2600 words yesterday and almost 4000 today, so, WRITING.

In other annoying news, I was making a low carb coconut lime blancmange earlier with a stick mixer and knocked it all off the bench. Creamy stuff splashed for 6 meters I kid you not, and 2 meters up the far wall with a lateral spread of 1.5 metres. Made me think some of those stories about John getting spunk in his eyebrows after coming like crazy may not be such bullshit. Okay, unfortunate association there, but for those not going ew, here's the recipe:

500 ml full cream (whipping cream I think it's called in the USA) - whipped until stiff
250 ml coconut milk (I use Vitasoy unsweetened coconut milk, which is thinner than some brands and less calorie-heavy)
Juice of 3 limes and rind of one (if you can be bothered; I don't always do the rind)
Stevia sweetener to taste (I use a crystal type, 50 grams)
3 tsp gelatine dissolved in 100ml boiling water then cooled by addition of some of the coconut milk to it.
Mix all with blender until smooth. Chill in fridge until set. Serves 6-8, in 100-150gm servings. Nice with stewed berries.
Using my ingredients, its stats are per serve (assuming 6): calories: 170, carbs: 3gm, fat: 17gm, protein: 2gm.

Also, I'm enjoying Astolat's current run of Harry/Draco fics. They have nicely imaginative magical details.