April 30th, 2016


Crazy plans, anyone?

Sooo, I've been a lot better lately about sticking to regular writing schedules, and it's gone to my head, resulting in a frankly bonkers and grandiose plan. When I first discovered fanfic writing, I launched into a serial fic, posting a chapter weekly. It's the only novel-length thing I've ever written. But I've had this idea for ages, outlined and all, for a novel-sized fic, but have dithered about whether to write it as fanfic or try for an origfic book. Thinking about it recently, I've decided the structure won't work well for a book, precisely as it's too structured, with too many external constraints. But I think it's perfect for a serial fanfic. If I can manage this, I'll try for a book next. (Whut? It is not a cop-out. It's . . . training, like in Rocky.). :)
Anyhow, I'm gonna write the first 3 chaps, then off we go. Oh, and there's art for each chapter, too. Told you it was grandiose.
It'll be John and Rodney, because I don't care if they're terribly passe, I'm still very fond of them, and if I'm taking on a 1 year project it'll be with characters I really like. Besides, Stargate-verse: you can do any damn thing.
The premise is a fantasy/sci-fi jaunt through the major arcana of the Tarot. 22 cards - 22 chapters. Each one a story of its own, but with connecting arcs like in a tv series, and an overall arc for the whole thing.

I need to do this alongside organising my life a bit more. I'm plateauing with the health kick, mainly due to laziness about adding in exercise, so I need to change that. And I'm such a pack-rat - these days not due to any 'that might come in handy' nonsense, just slackness about toting loads of junk up my steepish path to the car and the road.

That's the plan, then. Write at least 5000 words a fortnight, Make a card a fortnight as illustration, daily walkies, and out with the junk.
Wish me luck!