July 2nd, 2016


Winter Mix

It's not long after the shortest day, here, and this being Auckland it's cold, but not too bad. No frosts where I am, near the sea, but cold nights, so I'm glad of an oil-filled heater I got for the bedroom. Possum the cat's fond of it too. Bright, weak, sunlight today, clear and still. Lovely. 
I've been in a writing hiatus, not sure why. Work's been very busy so that's part of it. Maybe the creative juices are at a lower ebb in winter, as well. I've been using work tasks to procrastinate about writing deadlines, which is . . . kind of useful, for work, anyway. 

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Oh, and the grandiose Rodney/John Tarot fic? Decided I couldn't start it until I'd done a basic outline for each chapter/card. So that led to teaching myself to use Scrivener, and hours of fun. Almost done with the outlines, but a few more to go. I think, though, I'll leave the serial chapter writing stage until the edge of spring appears, to help me along.