September 4th, 2016


Busy busy

So as usual I fail at regular journaling; no surprises there! The usual combination of stuff - work was hellishly busy for a while (ha, I keep writing busty, which, no), with some big deadlines, thankfully past now so a brief breathing spell in which to finish off my due South_c6d Big Bang project, and start doing two complementary artworks I've claimed.

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General Stuff
I am OK! Possum is OK! I hope you're all doing OK too, and are less busy than me. I'm getting a new front door put in, as the old one's semi-rotted. 1950s weatherboard house in the bush, what can you do? I've started to do long-put-off chores like sorting out household fix-its, but am still behind the eight-ball in terms of my own exercise regime, sigh. Still trying, anyway, and still eating low-carb so that's good for me.