October 2nd, 2016

Dief is happy

Letter for my dSSS creator

Recycling parts of last year's letter, because a few things I always want. :)

First and most importantly - thanks so much for creating something for me, and I really will be thrilled with whatever you make, so the main thing is for you to do what you like and have fun.

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As I said in the sign up, I'd be happy with any medium - fic, art, podfic or vid.
Thanks again!

Dear Yuletide writer letter

OK, here we go - another year, another Yuletide!

First - the main point of all this is to have fun, and get some fic out there in smaller fandoms, so whatever you do, that's great and you should have a ball. Don't take any of my ideas or prompts too seriously - do what appeals to you. I'm pretty unsquickable and open to all sorts of stuff. I'll be delighted with whatever you come up with, because you wrote it for me and to play in fandom.

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And that's it from me! Thanks so much for writing me something.</div></div>