January 8th, 2017


From the flamingo notebook

I've never been great at tidiness, and as time passes it just seems too hard to keep battling entropy - or rather, I'm picking my battles. I also have TOO MUCH STUFF. So there are things everydamnwhere (I wrote a poem about that a few years ago before the fandom bus totalled me. Will post it here when I locate it).

Not surprising then, that among all the things, stuff gets overlooked. Yesterday I happened on a partly-filled-in Audubon notebook of my Mum's (I still have her ashes, and Dad's, in little wooden boxes sitting next to each other in a cupboard, and good intentions to scatter them both at Arthur's Pass in the South Island as requested. I just never get around to making the trip). So, I discovered that towards the end of her life, Mum recorded some of her favourite poems or quotes in this notebook with a flamingo on the cover. And I'm going to post one occasionally - the ones I like best.

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Ante Up Losers - Dear Creator letter

Hi there - so in the sign-up I asked for:

Jolene/Pooch (Art, Fic, Podfic, Remix, vid - any rating)
I've asked for something featuring Jolene/Pooch. Would love them being badass, especially Jolene being badass, and/or maybe something set in the future about them and their kid or kids. What I wouldn't want is infidelity. No break-up please, or not a permanent one. No permanently sad or tragic ending for them and their family either, please. If you're up for an AU it'd be great to incorporate Roque as a black-sheep family member of some sort or an ex of Jolene's. You can go dark with Roque and/or kill him off if you like - I can handle it with Roque! But feel free to rehabilitate him as well. :)

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Hope you have fun with the exchange, and looking forward to seeing what you come up with - thanks!