January 11th, 2017


Westworld meta

I'm up to ep 7, so spoiler warning, if you aren't there yet. Also, warning for discussion of violence, rape and body-horror - seriously; this show could be really triggering, especially if you were vulnerable to dissociation.
I never saw the original Yul Brynner movie, so I don't know where this remake is similar or deviates. That's probably good, as I'd rather not know how it's going to end.</p>

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And what will our heroes find at the end of their quest, at the heart of the maze? The door to the outside? A Matrix-like revelation? Human consciousness? A soul?

I hope there's going to be a satisfying answer. It's been quite a build-up, reinforced by gorgeous production values and visuals, in the scenery and the actors. Oh, and it's nice that the two "hosts" striving for consciousness are women.