January 15th, 2017


Ludicrous craft project completed

So . . . I may have a tendency to collect kitsch, and a fondness for steampunk. Put those together and we get (taadaa!) the steampunk toilet roll holder! It came in black so of course a coat of gold paint was required for a brass-like finish, and for maximum ludicrousness. It works brilliantly (not the gauges, but the appropriately suggestive rod with the knob on the end holds the rolls very well).

This is a welcome addition to the bathroom, as the old toilet roll holder's been broken for a while. I'd been reluctant to replace it as it was a wall-mounted radio cum roll-holder, in fetching white plastic onto which I'd glued numerous stick-on jewels. A hard act to follow indeed, but the steampunk one's a worthy successor. If the gauges worked I'd be over the moon but you can't have everything.