February 14th, 2017


Art calendar update, and other stuff

Aaand another update on the art calendar. I'm spreading them out a bit as I'm off to Melbourne for a few days from tomorrow. Three days of meetings, joy. Have to get a dawn flight and what with how late I always get to bed, there's no point trying to sleep at all, really. Maybe on the plane.

I posted a not very SFW naked cuddling piece of art as another thing for Romancing McShep, A Room With A View. The summary's not massively romantic I guess, but there's a lot of tenderness in their poses, and given a choice between sappiness and humor, trust me to go with humor.

I was looking for [personal profile] trinityofone's SGA fics on the Wayback Machine as I'm sure I used to have that link bookmarked but couldn't locate it. But the only snapshot on Wayback that functions at all has hardly any working links when you click through. Does anyone out there have a better URL for all the rest of Trin's fics that aren't on AO3? Neither of the fic-finding comms on LJ really work for asking about all of an author's work. It's not really a genre.