February 21st, 2017


Back home and pottering

Here's the penultimate posting of the art calendar - one more update to go on the 28th.

Possum was delighted to see me and seems none the worse. I'm somewhat the worse however for my Melbourne trip, having managed to pull a calf muscle.  Melbourne airport was like an inner circle of hell with the endless queuing and shuffle-standing - my lower back disliked it intensely. And joy of joys, a few days after braving the general populace, I've got a streaming head cold. Bleh. 

I was going to say, flist! (or dwircle!) - why did no one tell me that DW now has image hosting? Then I discovered that a) you can't post the images anywhere except to DW or a very similar journal where you've set up crossposting, like LJ, and b) there's no way to sort your images into folders or via tabs. So it's effectively useless for organising and posting fanart. Denise says they're developing a folder or tagging system as phase 2, but that DW doesn't have the bandwidth to allow free-for-all posting to the internet, e.g. to AO3, although they'll see once they've analysed the usage of the new hosting service. I suspect best not to hold your breath. So, still posting new stuff to Mediafire, and thinking about moving my old stuff across there from LJ. 

I had some other thoughts, but, streaming head cold. Will save them for next time.