March 19th, 2017


Writing, Possum, and fandom invades RL

Last week was pretty grueling, with a massive exam I had to write, involving an all-nighter. I'm way too old for all-nighters, well, except that my sleep pattern's so muntered I often do stay up most of the night. It's the all-dayers after the all-nighters that do me in. Having emerged somewhat scathed from a few days of sleep deprivation, leaving me with a 2-day headache and annoying tinnitus, I'm now trying to muster the creative juices this weekend and attack my SGA-Reversebang story (a largely gen Ronon and Radek friendship fic). Managed a detailed outline today anyway, so that's something. Other projects on the go are my Ante Up Losers fic (suburban crack), and my story for the Captain America Reverse Big Bang - a fantasy AU, and my first ever fic in that fandom, so wish me luck. :)

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