March 22nd, 2017


International poetry day at home

As ever I'm a day late if not a dollar short - hey, I'm in a different timezone. We're fast down here in New Zealand! So I'm pretending it's still International Poetry Day where I am.

I've been musing about this for a while, unsure what to do. I fell headlong into fandom 8 years ago, but before that I had a poetry writing jag, the second major one since my teens. Being in love with fandom put paid to that of course. I was doing a lot of trips to Aussie at the time, and I used to scribble the poems on the back of airline sick bags (the Air NZ ones were a nice plain white). I collated my "midlife" poems into a decidedly slim volume and gave it to friends and family back then, but I haven't done much else, except sometimes writing fannish poems or incorporating poems in fanfic. But I think I'll post the ones I like best here, occasionally, and I might set up a new AO3 account for them - I'd rather keep my original stuff and fannish stuff separate over there. Anyone know if it's still seen as okay to post original works to AO3? I vaguely recall a rumour that maybe the policy on that might toughen up. I don't expect anyone will read them, but it's an archive. I'd just like to archive them. 

So, here goes. Many of them are a bit gloomy, but here's a lighter one. Sadly, still oh so true, although these days more from failure to get rid of stuff than ongoing accumulation. 

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