Mific (mific) wrote,

SGA Secret Santa Info

Hi there - this is for whoever is assigned to me as my SGA secret santa.

As in my sign-up post, I'd prefer just slash please, preferably John and Rodney, although I'm fine with a within-AR1 OT3 or OT4 fic as well. Gender-shifted John and/or Rodney is also great. I'd prefer NC-17, ideally, but really any rating is OK if you're not comfortable with that. Kink is also fine. :) 

Things I wouldn't like: Too much angst - although H/C is fine, as long as there's some C after the H. Please no major character death. Prefer no prominent religious content - Rodney and I have similar views about that! I'd prefer not to get straight het with Elizabeth or Keller, please, although a threesome situation involving John and Rodney would probably be OK.

Anyway - all very exciting and I'm looking forward to taking part in this - thanks in advance!
Tags: sga, sga_secretsanta

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