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2010 as was, and a New Year's resolution

So - the year in review. I haven't done one of these before, but that's a NY resolution - decided I'm going to do a "diary" type posting about once a week. I haven't tended to before - not sure why really, but I thought I'd have a go at it this year. Most of my posts will still be of the "stuff I made" sort, but occasional thinky ones will occur. Or recs, recs are always good. We'll see if I can keep it up!

I'm not going to bang on about my actual year, as it's been pretty difficult, with both my parents quite ill and needing a lot of help. I'm an only child, got no sibs, so there's been a lot of travelling as the folks are in Christchurch, and me and my job are in Auckland. So thanks, fandom, as without the communities and creative outlets I'd probably have gone under.

Speaking of which, in 2010 I posted some stuff ~

(I can only cope with putting one site-link in, but all my writing is on AO3 - most of the fanart and all the podfic posts are on DW/LJ.  I'm mific on all three sites.)


Not Waving but Drowning (SGA) - an SGA_santa Madness fic for a pinch-hitter (lantean_drift).

Five Times Rodney Made John Cry (The Hogwarts AU version) - for sian1359 in SGA_santa. (SGA/Potterverse crossover). To be continued...

A Cunning Plan
- Yuletide Madness (Hark! A Vagrant - Two Watsons/Sherlock Holmes in general). This is short but it's the best thing I've written to date, I think. In the short, funny fic line, anyway.

SNAFU - Yuletide Madness (MASH meets zombies). I felt like writing for a pinch-hitter.

Adam and Jamie Fight Crime! - Yuletide Madness. Got the prompt using the "They Fight Crime" generator, great fun and pure crack. (MythBusters RPF/Harry Potter crossover).   

Sacrifice - Yuletide Madness (The Oresteia - Aeschylus). Another one done for a pinch-hitter.  

A Complex System by mific - my main Yuletide story. (Breakfast with Scot). Title fail, oh woe. Too late now. *sighs*

In a Strange Land - my due South Seekrit Santa story (due South/Galaxy Quest crossover). A sequel is promised. With tentacles.

Teacher's Pet - an SGA kinkmeme epilogue I wrote to a fill. PWP. (SGA)

Intelligence Received   - Stargate Atlantis (prompted by Joe Flanigan's twitter comment). Crack. Again.

The Bestiary - for McShep_match, Team Play. We almost won!

Anything is Possible!  A pure crack crossover. The Old Spice Man meets Adam and Jamie of Mythbusters in a bar - part of the Old Spice guy kinkmeme. 

Two Flashslash Sherlock Holmes Drabbles. Written to prompts for the Flashslash community, to an 8 min. deadline.

Liar Liar - for kink_bingo 2010 (Mythbusters).

A Boy Named Jay  - for kink_bingo 2010 (SGA).

The Milk of Paradise - for kink_bingo 2010 (Sherlock Holmes ACD).

Lush  - for kink_bingo 2010 (SGA).

Jackpot! - SGA Fic and Art:  (the one where they're in a fruit machine).

Later - (SGA) a 2009 kink_bingo postage stamp story done early 2010 (four kinks in one fic). 

M People (SGA) - an amnesty period 2009 kink_bingo story done early 2010. (Covers 2 or 3 kinks).  

Trouble with Gnomes - original short story - actually, this is fanfiction about my parents, done just before they both got quite ill so it's kind of nostalgic for me now.   

Pwnd (SGA) - done for a mcsmooch fest

(an erotic ghost story) - Repost of an original fic from an old site, although I wrote it pre-2010:

Short - done for a comment-fic challenge with a brutal word-limit. Not sure when it was written initially - ? early 2010.


Gimme a Bite - No more DADT - a celebratory McShep pic/joke.

Back to Nature with the pre-Raphaelites - for neevebrody in SGA Art Santa. This has started me on a kick I'll continue in 2011.

Atlantis Big Bang art - two John and Elizabeth artworks.

Tender (White collar)  - done for kink_bingo 2010 but never posted there as I fell too far short of a cross pattern and ran out of time so just did a simple bingo in the end.

Obedience (White Collar) - done for kink_bingo 2010

Mcshep Match: icons for Team "Play". The one of John bound was used as a mod icon for the SGA kinkmeme, so that was pretty cool.

Kink_bingo icons - couple of icons as a small prize for sparrowshellcat (Harry collared (HP) and Constantine + tentacles)

Made an amusing icon for "Multipodicity"  - the podfic repodding site (Highlander theme)


For Podbang 2010:
The Lucky One and The Presbury Letters by Katie Forsythe (Sherlock Holmes), and
The Rough Edges Series by Basingstoke (Sherlock BBC TV). This is my best podfic to date, I thinik. Huge fun to do, as well.

Unsuffer Me
by Shaenie (SGA). Looong. Suffered a bit from my difficult year - it took months and months to complete.

How to Win Friends and Influence Vulcans  (Star Trek reboot) - by green  - 'remixed' podfic (for the Multipodicity challenge): 

Birds of a Feather - (SGA/Due South Crossover) by julia_here  

Defensive Zone by nos4a2no9  (Breakfast with Scot)  

Hot hot hot - podfic for your bunk - a recs post for Amplirecathon 2010:  (NC-17 podfics, plus 2 bonus funny ones) 

Huh. Hadn't realised how much I'd done. Nothing like needing distraction and escapism, is there! Onwards and upwards, I guess. More of the same, I'm afraid, in 2011, but whatthehell, I've got the internets so it's doable.

Hope you have a good 2011, everyone.

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