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C6DVD: Cards!

Very exciting - just got back from a few days away and there were CARDS! TWO CARDS, I AM SO LUCKY!
For the C6D (Canadian Six Degrees) Valentine's Day card exchange.

They're both gorgeous in different ways.


The first one is all pretty butterflies


and inside it says

wishing you

So I'm scratching my head, but then I see this little card inserted, saying:


Darren, you bastard, you. So bad.


And then we have married Fraser and Ray, with a kid and dogs!  \o/

Ray's cut out a picture of the northern lights (kind of erratically) and glued it onto a piece of card.

northern lights

Then on the other side, he's written:

Happy anniversary
to my wonderful
and friend.

       So I know it's not exactly our anniversary, but I saw this at the market and I just had to.
I'm sending this to your hotel in Ottawa
with orders to deliver it exactly on the
14th, since you can't be here with us (fucking
stupid conferences)
       Right now you're asleep in the other
room (and there's a kid and a couple dogs around here somewhere, who'd better be asleep or there will be words if I catch him reading by flashlight one more time)
                                So it's wierd to write I
miss you when I'll be in bed with you in
a minute. But I will/do. Whatever. You
know what I mean.
Happy Valentines Day

Your   Ray

Awwwwww. They're so sweet. And married. *hugs them*


These cards are TOTALLY AWESOME! Thank you so much, secret valentine card-sender!
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