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Things I've written and art I've made: Bumper Catch-up

I am a bad bad DW and LJ (non)user. I've been so overloaded with RL dramas and crises and full up with challenges that have been posted elsewhere, and sometimes I've posted direct to AO3. So here's a catch-up post with some recent fic and art that I've done. As expected, I've been a total fail at actually using DW and LJ for, you know, journaling. *sigh*

SGA: McShep_Match Drabbles from the drabble tree: (all these are small series of from 2 to 5 linked drabbles)
Pegasus Games

Darker Drabbles
(warning: 'Time to Go' contains major character death)


Those Skeevy Ancients

And I signed up to write fic for the 2011 match - yay!

My SGA_reversebang fic and art
Yay, I got the fic done on time, just. Huge thanks again to [personal profile] busaikko for a last-minute beta
Desert Rose
(the fic, written for the lovely artwork Desert Rose by mella68)
A Tiny Problem
(the art - for which [personal profile] lou wrote a great story also called A Tiny Problem)

Fics for
Collateral damage
(a slightly angsty then very cracky epidode tag to Trinity. Prompt: coffee)
Rain Dance
(John channels his inner twink to save the team - crack, of course. Prompt: rain)

Remix fic for
Remix redux 9: Love Potion No. Nine
A Weapon Against the Wraith
(SGA: a Teyla-centric character exploration set up to the end of Rising). big thanks to [personal profile] michelel72 for the beta.

Fic for sherlock_flashfic prompts
Turn Me Off
(kink: sleepy/unconscious sex)
Second Chance
(a sonnet. I know, what?) (kink: crossdressing)
Second Chance (the prose remix)
(also posted on remix goes wild)
The Case of the Disappearing Oxfords
(kink: shoe fetish)

Hmmm. I'm noticing a trend in my Sherlock fic - and they pre-date the current kink_bingo round!

Before the 2010 round closed, I added a late fic for my medical kink square, hoping to still get an X pattern. The full pattern never eventuated, but here's the fic, anyway.
Call Me Doctor
(Sherlock Holmes (ACD), medical kink)

And yes, I enrolled for 2011, and I'm very happy with my card, which has tentacles!

kink bingo card image cardset5-269.jpg || row 1: | oral fixation | orgasm denial / control | tentacles | drugs / aphrodisiacs | possession / marking || row 2: | crossdressing | writing on the body | pervertibles | painplay (other) | bondage (other) || row 3: | watersports | held down | wildcard | collars | scars / scarification || row 4: | virginity / celibacy | tickling | bodies and body parts | gender play | washing / cleaning || row 5: | vanilla kink | nippleplay / tit torture | anonymity | breathplay | smacking / slapping

So, fairly productive, despite ongoing aftershocks from Christchurch still shaking up my life. On the down side, I still owe an auction fic and an auction podfic for two worthy causes/recipients and I meant to do more of my John and Rodney at Hogwarts series. They're still high on the "to do" list, so I will eventually get there if I can not be so distracted by the latest shiny challenge. Podfic's harder to manage now, with a fairly open-plan home and my Mum living with me. Luckily she's really deaf! Stealth nocturnal podfic, FTW *g*.

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