Mific (mific) wrote,

More goddam quakes

Oh god, another two big quakes in poor old Christchurch - a 5.5 then a 6.0. No deaths, thank goodness, some injuries and more power outages and flooding and liquefaction and a lot more damage. Turns out it wasn't such a great idea to build a city on an earthquake-prone alluvial coastal plain. I feel desperately sorry for everyone there having to slog away over and over cleaning up the same filthy mud and fixing the same shattered sewage pipes. They must be feeling so hopeless and exhausted, and their houses more damaged every time - those that are still livable-in.

At least I have Mum up here living with me now (I think permanently, given all this), and Dad in Auckland as well, although he's not so well and is still in hospital, but gradually getting better from a chest infection. I'm a lot better off than many.

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