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Icon Meme

So I'm playing the icon meme as well, even though I suspect this is the journal where memes come to die! :F

[personal profile] busaikko chose 5 of my icons for me to comment on. If you want to play, let me know in a comment and I'll select 5 of yours for you to tell us about.

            Breathe through it (life of Brain series): I adore your Brains....
Okay, so I had a cartooning jag back in February and made several strips featuring "Brain" or its goa'uld version, "Bra'ain".
This is the strip linked to this icon:

             What's the story? Where is Dief???
I think this is undoubtedly an illustration from my fic "In a Strange Land" where Dief and Fraser are shape-shifted tentacle-aliens as per Galaxy Quest (it's a crossover). Fraser and Dief communicate telepathically and Dief's extremely disreputable, unlike Fraser, who's desperately trying to pass as human. In the icon, Dief's doubtless getting his end away with a local poodle behind the bakery, to Fraser's dismay. And yes, I do still promise to write the sequel, in which there is Ray+Fraser+tentacles :)

              McShep kiss. Look, a photo, it must be canon, right? *springs eternal*
I wish I knew who made this manip, but I just snagged it and modified the details slightly. Yes of course it's real, their love is so true!

             Pretty... but what does it signify to you?
It makes me think of the beach, that he's surfing - the end of the day so the light's golden towards sunset, and his beard's heavy. But it also looks ominous, post-apocalyptic. So maybe he's surfing at the end of the world, because what else can you do?

             And I have to ask: colour experiment, or is there some Deep Significance?
I made this for the AO3, because you can only have one icon and a fandom-specific, even a writing-specific one didn't work. So this is for fic and art, both. It's the 3 primary colours and the 3 secondary colours, just an abstract design that looked good. I used to use the "Mandelbrot's Ass" one but then he died and it seemed kind of disrespectful. *eyeroll* Like he cares.

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