Mific (mific) wrote,

Art: Zelenka Remembers (SFW)

You've probably seen this across at sga_saturday or the noiceboard, but I'm just adding it to my journal.

Zelenka Remembers
Pairing/characters: Zelenka and his pigeons
Rating: G
Medium: manips - digital art
Prompt: Memory
Notes: Two pieces because for some reason I needed to get Zelenka back in touch with his pigeons. I think they'd like roosting on the towers of Atlantis and shitting on the marines below, if he were allowed to bring them.

Zelenka in loft covered by pigeons       Zelenka gazing out window with pigeon, Alantis in background

Zelenka in loft covered by pigeons

Fond memories of his old pigeon loft.

Zelenka gazing out window with pigeon

Is he in Atlantis remembering Earth and his pigeons, or on Earth, dreaming of Atlantis?

Tags: fanart, manip, pigeons, sga, zelenka

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