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Complementary art for Luzula for ladiesbigbang

This is art that I did as a complement to the work that [personal profile] luzula is entering in the [community profile] ladiesbigbang challenge - Luzula's recorded a podfic of Come With Me, a Victoria Metcalf-centric story written by by [personal profile] zabira (due South fandom). Luzula says: "This is the essential Victoria story for me - she's mostly seen through other people's eyes in fic, but in this story she really comes alive."
Here's the link to the podfic in Luzula's post.
The art is a digital collage of images of Victoria Metcalf and Benton Fraser. There's also a podfic cover version.

collage of Victoria Melcalfe images, with Fraser.

(the images used are: background of Fraser's face when he glimpses Victoria and is thinking about having betrayed her; top left their kiss in Fraser's apartment; top right and mid-left, Victoria's face as Fraser imagines her, sad and accusing; lower right Victoria killing Jolly; bottom left, in the snow with Victoria's fingers in Fraser's mouth, and bottom right, Victoria triumphant when Fraser calls her back after they meet in the diner.)

...and the podfic cover

podfic cover - collage of images of Victoria and Fraser, plus text

Tags: benton fraser, due south, ladiesbigbang, victoria metcalf

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