Mific (mific) wrote,

Art: "Hey, buddy, wanna have some fun?" (slightly NSFW)

Title: "Hey, buddy, wanna have some fun?"
Rating: Mature (rentboy!john)
Characters/Pairings: John Sheppard/Other male character(s)
Medium: digital manip in photoshop
Summary: Trick and Treat - rentboy!John on the prowl in San Francisco
Notes: Created for the sga_saturday amnesty. This is for prompt "trick or treat" (week #23) and as you can see, both are in the picture. I haven't specified who's in the car, but I guess if you're a dedicated OTP person, he can be whoever you want in the AU of your heart.

rentboy John sheppard and trick in car

Tags: au, digital art, john sheppard, manip, nsfw, rentboy!john, sga, sga_saturday, trick or treat

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