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Art for "Remembering Bodie" by hutchynstarsk in Journeystory Big Bang (SFW)

I did these artworks for the 2011 Journeystory Big Bang, to illustrate "Remembering Bodie" by hutchynstarsk - a great read (amnesiafic! pining!). This was a lot of fun, and I invented a sort-of "stop-motion" effect for the boxing one - a bit of an experiement so feel free to leave feedback. This art is also on the AO3, here. As usual, they're blended digital artworks, made in photoshop. Rated T for bare chests and moderate boxing-related violence, but they're SFW. Click on the art for the full-sized version.


Bodie knocking out Doyle
"BAM. One final blow, and that was it. Doyle was down. "

Half Remembered

Doyle walking in countryside, Bodie following
Sometimes he took short walks outdoors. Mr Smith always seemed to be around in the background when he did so, but he didn’t join Doyle, leaving him alone to enjoy the peaceful countryside without comment.
Tags: boxing, digital art, doyle/bodie, journeystory big bang, ray doyle, stop-motion, the professionals, william bodie

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