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Recs !!

Okay, so with my new journaling mojo still ramped up, have some recs.

sga santa art
these especially stood out for me (other than my gift art which I already posted about so won't go on about again, although I could!):

Holiday Traditions & Unwind Lovely art about the sga women - great drawing and colouring.
Renaissance Men Rodney as Da Vinci! John's bits discretely behind an easel! Again, excellent drawing skills.
Dinner for Two Deeply cute C19th period mcshep piece. Rodney's face is hilarious.
All Tied Up Ostensibly beefcake BDSM wallpaper with whip!John and stroppy-sub!Rodney - completely hilarious.
Gravitas Very nice troubled!John manip, hot colours.
Wishing You Were Here Lovely sweet-sad mood - a Lorne/Zelenka manip.

sga santa fics

so much excellent fic posted, and to date my faves (apart from my gift fic) are:
What Happens in Pegasus  (John/Jennifer/Rodney) - gorgeous sane fic about an accidental AMTDI that leads to John joining the relationship.
Second Life (John/Bill Lee) - Vegas-verse fic about Vegas!John bonding with Bill - dorky and sweet. 
Kaleb Miller and the Green Knight  (Kaleb/Jeannie, John/Rodney) Wonderful fic from Kaleb's pov about him and Jeannie, but also John and Rodney, as they finally sort themselves out and get together. 
So Good to You  (John/Vala) lovely story about John and Vala marrying for mission reasons and then finding they like it. Real and nicely allusive. 
My Dignity's Come Undone  (John/Rodney) Very nice de-aged John kink story with loads of negotiation in a pre-existing D/s relationship. Great dialogue and very hot. 
Black Sapphire  (Radek/Rodney/John) Radek beats John to Rodney, but all is not lost - so well written and Radek is just wonderful. Seriously excellent. 
What Friends Are For  (Radek/Ronon and John/Ronon) Very well written story about Ronon trying to understand sexual customs of Earth, with Radek's help, and with almost no help from his boyfriend, John
The Man Left Behind  (Teyla-centric gen) Teyla saves the day after Atlantis is lost and the expedition become refugees. Great characterisation. 

excellent WIP fic at the
mckay_sheppard comm on DW
Called the fixation of belief by [profile] inxequals1. Superb snark and witty dialogue and a great AU set-up - university, Rodney's an atheist philosophy prof and John's apparently to be the campus chaplain (I know! O_O). BUT - it's a WIP. Oh well, can but cross fingers and hope.</user>


And I got a great Fraser/RayK fic in dSSS - due South seekrit santa which has gone live here \o/
My gift fic is called Marking the Territory and it's a beautifully written character study of Ray, incorporating a lot of his backstory and explicit sex as all the best character studies do. I love it to death.

And finally, signal boosting for the Fandom Supports Scarleteen auction (panfandom), as I gather Scarleteen's the best sex ed site on the web and they need some dosh to continue the good work. The fan-auction's here
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