Mific (mific) wrote,

My own personal Cam-John Thingathon, IDEK

I have no idea what's going on, but I was gripped by the need to write several Cam-John stories. One's my main Cam-John Thingathon entry and the other four I wrote in the last two days as extras for the pinch-hitters.

They're all up on the AO3 now, as per the links below. The styles are pretty varied, which I'm happy about. Usually I struggle with my writing, and while I generally like the end result, it can be a battle to get there. But every now and then - like with these - it just flows and man, that's a good feeling. As these are briefish pinch hit presents they're only self-betad, except for my main Thingathon fic, Boys Will Be Boys  which [personal profile] busaikko kindly helped with.

Boys will be Boys (7000-8000 words, NC-17, de-aged adolescent hijinks)

Score! (700-800 words, NC-17, zombie-killing, weapons and sex. Yeah, read the warnings)

Wanted (2000-3000, M, a western AU set around 1900. Cam's a sheriff and John's Wanted)

A Day at the Zoo (1000-2000, T for pantslessness. Aliens didn't make them do anything too terrible. Funny)

Fishbowl (1000-2000, NC-17, a little kinky, with some exhibitionism roleplay. Post-EATG and declassification)

And my goal for tonight - get some damn sleep!

Tags: cam mitchell, john sheppard, sg1, stargate atlantis, thingathon

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