Mific (mific) wrote,

Art: That's my Boy (John/Vala)

Title: That's my Boy
Fandom(s): SGA/SG1 crossover
Pairing: John/Vala
Rating: T ( for implications)
Medium: Blended digital artwork
Summary: John kissed her finger then sucked it into his mouth. "Yeah," said Vala, "that's my boy."
Notes: For sgaartvalentine For the prompt by [personal profile] gaffsie: "John/Vala, date night" (it's John and Vala, anyway, even if John hasn't quite changed out of his work clothes yet. I'm sure Vala can help him with that...)

John and Vala icon as a teaser


John and Vala, John sucking Vala's finger


Tags: fanart, john sheppard, john/vala, sgaartvalentine, stargate atlantis, vala mal doran
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