Mific (mific) wrote,

Not Again?

Yeah, you know how I said I wasn't going to overload myself with sign-ups this year?
(this is like standing up at an AA meeting - "Hello, my name's mific, and I'm a fanoholic"). *sigh*

List of my enrollments to date:

mcshep silhouettes The McShep celebration fest over at McSheplets - two artworks in March (that'll be okay, it's the fic that's the battle)

thingathon icon - John and Ronon The John/Ronon Thingathon at Satedan Grabass (fic)

Art for at least one fic in Case-Story Big Bang (probably in a new fandom for me)

genficathon banner - many sga faces For the Supporting Characters category (fic & art)

sga reversebang banner
Fic and art. But the art is done, so whew. This is to force myself to write some long(ish)fic, as otherwise I probably wouldn't. This one'll be the toughie.

So that's the first half of my year sorted. An intervention may be required!

And in conclusion:  bad doggie!
john smacking rodney's ass

It's mostly these guys' fault  
gif of john and rodney looking away, innocently  
Yeah, you can knock off the innocent bullshit, you know exactly what I mean. Enablers. 


NB: the final gif is by fu_dragon

Tags: 12 things no i mean 12 steps, bad doggie, signups

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