Mific (mific) wrote,

pod_together, anyone?

Okay, so on the one hand this is madness, because this month is stupidly busy until I finish my overdue sga_reversebang fic, but I mean after June it'll be better? Right? *not thinking about ABB*

Anyway, I'm very tempted by

Open for sign ups June 18 to June 30 on DW and LJ

I'm trying to ease back into podficcing and I need a deadline to motivate me. Also, I missed out on the pod_together challenge last year due to RL, and I'd really like to join in this year. It's the collaborative aspect I like, kind of like the old ArtWord challenges that I've heard about, but which were before my fandom time.

So if anyone on my flist out there is interested in writing something that I can podfic, let me know. Otherwise I'll just sign on and let the mods be yenta. Sign-ups for groups (teams or duos) start on June 25th.


In other news, I've been busy doing loads of podfic cover-art for artists recording in the podfic big bang, and icons for mcshep_match. I'll do separate posts here and to AO3 with all the podfic covers once the main challenge posting's completed. So on the art front I've been playing in multiple fandoms, although the writing's all been SGA recently. But I so have to get my life into a better semblance of order. Like, something approaching 8 hours of sleep would be a good start. 

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