Mific (mific) wrote,

Common cold vs Kink Bingo (1-all)

I'm still feeling knackered after an all-nighter to finish my sga_reversebang fic, and have now realised I'm also getting a cold. Joy. Horrible day today - torrential rainstorms and wrangling unwell family members into and out of cars and just a series of hassles. Like, we finally got a chance to have lunch and went to the mall foodhall as it was the only place with covered parking to avoid another drenching, and were about to get yummy-looking Japanese snacks when there was a goddam fire alarm so we got herded back outside. Gave myself a headache from Sheppardesque jaw-clenching but managed not to give in to road rage on the way home. 

All this means I'm finding hard to muster the usual excitement in my Kink Bingo card which is:

kink bingo card image cardset1-393.jpg || row 1: | subspace / headspace | torture / interrogation | electricity | penance / punishment | rough body play || row 2: | watersports | breathplay | pegging / strap-ons | confined / caged | bondage (wrist / ankle restraints) || row 3: | vehicular | foot / shoe fetish | wildcard (icon #66 contains: whipping / flogging) | hypnosis / mind control | gags / silence || row 4: | sleepy / unconscious | uniforms / military kink | authority figures | caning | drugs / aphrodisiacs || row 5: | sex toys (non-penetrating) | oral fixation | masters doms slaves and subs | orgasm denial / control | gangbang

It's okay, I guess, but I wanted to try new kinks this year and am finding it hard to see a line there that hasn't got one I haven't already done. I think this is me being picky and daft and no doubt I will rediscover motivation when not all malaisey and viral. Bleh.

Hmmm, hang on, the top left to bottom right diagonal, with hypnosis/mind control (a particular fave) as the wildcard might work. *ponders* Right now I'm struggling to think how I'll do all of those as art, but I'm sure it'll come to me. 
Tags: kink_bingo, shit happens

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