Mific (mific) wrote,

Art: Illustrations for Through Fire and Rain by Omorka, Real Ghostbusters fandom (SFW)

Title: Illustrations for Through Fire and Rain
Author: Omorka
Artist: Mific
Fandom: Real Ghostbusters
Characters: Big Red with Winston, Ray, Peter and Egon;  Ray and Lucy
Genre: Gen
Rating: T (SFW)
Warnings: Naked australopithecine torsos
Summary: Illustrations for Omorka's story in the 2012 SciFi (and fantasy) Big Bang
Link to Story: Through Fire and Rain
Artist's Notes: This was fun. Once again playing in a fandom I had no idea about before I started, but where else are you gonna get to do art featuring a fire-demon and australopithecines? Ghoooost Busters!

thumbnail of demon ascending             thumbnail of Ray Meets Lucy

Big Red Takes Off

Ray Meets Lucy
 Ray meeting the Australopithecines - semi-cartoon style

Tags: australopithecines, demon, fanart, real ghostbusters, scifi_big bang 2012

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