Mific (mific) wrote,

Cosplay on the news

Okay, so if you're a friend you'll know I'm a hopeless journaler, but this cheered me up so I thought I'd share.

There's been a "pop culture expo" here in Auckland called ARMAGEDDON - comics, gaming, con appearances by some interesting stars, including Chris Judge and Christopher Heyerdal, etc. And of course, cosplay galore. Sadly, I couldn't go due to some difficult RL stuff that's happening right now.

But  -  it was on our main national news last night with an announcer cheerfully explaining to the nation what "cosplay" was while the camera zoomed in on some awesome Darth Vaders and a girl dressed as Iron Man with a ginormous pulse canon that took months to make.
I know it was in the "let's stick something quirky and cheerful in here to relieve all the road toll statistics and the worry about child poverty" slot, but still. Cosplay on the evening news! Go New Zealand!


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