Mific (mific) wrote,

Art for Poly Big Bang 2012 (SFW)

Story this art is for: The Art of Seduction Through Peppermint Patties by [personal profile] sharpiesgal and lasairfhiona
[personal profile] mific 
Fandoms: Hawaii 5-0 and CSI Miami crossover
Steve McGarrett//Danny Williams/Horatio Caine
blended digital art
Content Notes/Warnings:
None. SFW. Created for the Poly Big Bang polyamory festival 2012.

a banner

The three boys on couch in Steve's living room - banner for the fic

main artwork - click through for full size

horatio, Steve looking right, and Danno - bit angsty

and a divider if one's wanted

row of half-bits of peppermint patties

Tags: csi maimi, danny "danno" williams, digital art, hawaii 5-0, horatio caine, polybigbang, steve mcgarrett, threesome

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