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Hi there

Hello new friends and old! Well, that was a friending-fest and a half, over at kouredios' journal, very exciting. I can't write much of a welcome post as I'm supposed to be head down in the last desperate writing phase of my SGA Santa fic - and have of course totally overcommitted myself with challenges and fests, as bloody usual. So right now I've been doing, and am still doing:

Sga Santa (fic)
Yuletide (fic) (a movie fandom and I thought I had the DVD, but no! So had to hit the rental place for a copy to remember the details)
Flyboys (Cam/John)  (probably art, so that's faster, and after Christmas, whew)
Polybigbang art - done & crossposted to AO3 (Hawaii 5-0/CSI Miami)
Yuletart art - done & crossposted to AO3 (Sherlock - femlock)
Sga Art Santa - done, not yet posted
Due South Secret Santa (art, nearly done)

and I just signed up to do fic and art for the Tentacle Big Bang in Feb-April, because, tentacles! Impossible to resist.

So I'll be over here, scribbling furiously, but I'll try to interact a bit more in a few days when the main panic's over. *waves*

Tags: challenges, friends, why do i always do this

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