Mific (mific) wrote,

Celebratory post of Yuletide finishedness and other goodies

TGIF (for my timezone, anyway) and TG I finished my damn Yuletide fic - such a relief! I went from sweating blood over every word and hating it, to really liking it in the end. And big thanks and hugs to [personal profile] king_touchy  for last minute beta help.

I've been so preoccupied with getting this fic done that I haven't yet posted about the amazing - truly, amazingly gorgeous - art that Leyna made for my prompt, over at Yuletart. It's SGA, John and Rodney flying using Goa'uld tech, looking like Renaissance angels. The colours are stunning. It's here - Death Gliders by Leyna.

Such a fun time of year - well, now I have my Yulefic done and dusted, anyway. My main Yuletart artwork's posted, and my Yuletart stocking stuffer cookies of insanity, and I'm going to do another stocking stuffer featuring half-naked Derek and fully-clothed Stiles, heh. And there's an SGA artwork that's posted anon, but I think my style's petty obvious so no big secrets there :)
Next to be revealed is a due South artwork, an SGA Santa fic, and Cam/John Flyboys art after Christmas. (er, must get onto that last one)

And right now: bed, as I've run myself short of sleep and Mum's determined that I take her to the mall tomorrow - WHY???

Tags: christmas, i liked this, real life, yuletart, yuletide

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