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Snowflake Challenge Day #2 - recs

Trying AGAIN to post this - had it almost done last night then went to research a detail and obliterated the post with a new search - and can I just say how much I HATE that there's no 'save draft' button on the DW posting interface (second time I've wiped a complicated draft in 2 days).

Day 2: In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create. See if you can rec fanworks that are less likely to be praised: tiny fandoms, rare pairings, fanworks other than stories, lesser known kinks or tropes.

So... I'm pretty hopeless at finding really obscure works or fandoms to rec, I'm afraid. I can only hope that a few people may not have encountered all the works or creators in this list.

The Crack in the Door series by Basingstoke
Die Hard movies - McClane/Farrell, past McClane Carver. 
Three fics, and I'm sure most people know them, but I love Die Hard fandom, which is relatively small, and Basingstoke's a really great writer with killer dialogue, so a double win there. Also check out Basingstoke's Cabin Pressure fic as well, in terms of smaller fandoms.

The Pinocchio Fallacy by Toft
MythBusters fandom which, again, is small, even though Toft's well known. In this amazing AU, Jamie's a cyborg on the lam who finds refuge with Adam. Toft explores deeper issues around humanity, consciousness and AI rights while gradually developing their relationship. Thought-provoking and really, such a great fic.

Pass/Fail by Hth
SGA, so not a small fandom, but this is an obscure corner of it, being Ronon/Rod friendship then pre-slash, in the Mensaverse. Great subtle writing about Ronon adjusting to not being a runner, and Rod trying to help, on Atlantis then on Earth. Hth's well known, but maybe not to everyone these days, if they're new to SGA? A marvellous writer, well worth looking up if you haven't already - Hth's old website, via the wayback machine, as it's not all on AO3 yet.

The Big Bang and Everything After - podfic by by General Jinjur of the story by Mandysbitch. 26 min.
This is Firefly fandom but with an SGA crossover, and will again be well known to most. At either of these download sites there's a link to the text. An imaginative feat, bringing River and Rodney together across the galaxies and years, and a lovely, evocative story. General Jinjur is one of my favourite readers, as well.   Mp3    M4b

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