Mific (mific) wrote,

Podfic: The Proposal by zvi (Star Trek Reboot, Spock/Uhuru)

Story: The Proposal
Author: [personal profile] zvi 
Fandom: Star Trek reboot
Pairing: Spock/Uhuru
Rating: not rated - between G and Teen, I'd say
Content notes: no warnings apply
Length: 19 min
zvi's Summary: He's not asking her to marry him
Reader's notes: This is both a triumph (because finally it's off my to-do list!) and deeply embarrassing. Zvi will have totally given up on me as I promised this in an auction, god, over a year ago, but have only recently gotten my podfic mojo back again. So this is appallingly late, but I hope zvi still enjoys it. It's an amazing story - a lovely expansion of canon that explores how their relationship might unfold, with all the complexities of communication you'd expect given an interspecies relationship and Nyota's abilities. Also, I had to learn how to pronounce Vulcan and Arabic to do this one, so I got educated as well :)

Mediafire download links:  MP3 17.6 MB    M4B 9 MB    (AO3 link with streaming option)

Uhuru and Spock - overlaid images - podfic cover
Tags: interspecies relationship, podfic, spock/uhura, star trek reboot, telepathy

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