Mific (mific) wrote,

Dear due South Podfic Exchange Podficcer

Hi there
I'm very excited that you're making a podfic for me, and I'll be thrilled with whatever you choose to make. In general terms I'm pretty eclectic in terms of tropes and very hard to squick. No special triggers except for unremitting bleakness and sad endings. Any rating's fine, and kink is great. Not mad keen on infidelity that ends badly, and I'd prefer not to get a Harlequin romance-type story as they tend to have ludicrous plot devices. I love humor, AUs and amnesia fic.

My requests are:

1.Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski - I specified Fraser, Dief and Ray K as characters, but it's okay to vary the additional charaters as long as Fraser and Ray K are there (although I'm very fond of Dief). Yeah, it's the fandom's biggie, but it's still my favourite. As mentioned in the sign-up I'd prefer something not dark or tragic in terms of the ending, but I'm fine with angst or whump along the way.

2. Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski - also starring Renfield Turnbull. Something with Turnbull being goofy or just plain weird around Ray and Fraser would be lovely. Humor would be ideal, if possible.

3. Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski and co-starring just about anyone. I didn't mention it in the sign-up, but I'm very keen on Fraser/Ray K/Ray V three-way relationships. Again, prefer a happy or at least hopeful ending.


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