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Hi there
So obviously I'm back to my old ways of doing stuff and hardly ever journaling. /o\ I did try, honest, about a week ago.

I had a whole post with news and stuff in it, and then I did what I always bloody do and decided to add a link to something crucial, and called the link up to check the address...and obliterated the almost done post I was working on. Hard to express how infuriating that is. Does anyone else do that? I know DW says it can "restore from draft" but no - it restores a blank box. So I've written this in Word and pasted it in, just to be safe. Why in hell can't they have a "save draft" button? I would hit that like it shot me up with the good drugs.

Busy, busy time. Work has been pretty full-on and I am cheerfully overcommitted to a zillion challenges, as usual. Doing loads of art – like for two Teen Wolf Big Bang crossover fics for teenwolf_xbb. The art I'm finishing for that right now is a very different style and it's original art, so that's fun. Also masses of tentacular action with art for two fics in [community profile] tentaclebigbang and my own fic in that challenge too, which [personal profile] danceswithgary  done some lovely art for. Er, and which I am going to finish drafting and get to my beta tomorrow, I promise!

Some exciting audio things have been going live, like the [community profile] theatripod project I was involved with – a BBC Sherlock story called The Things You Hide. I read the Sherlock part, [personal profile] themusecalliope read John, and it was directed by vulgar_shudder. Go listen – I posted it here to the AO3 as well, and it can be streamed there as well as downloaded – it's only 18 minutes. Theatripod's an interesting development of podficcing – more like an amateur radio play, so collaboration to the max. I'm not sure I'd do it again. What can I say? I'm a control freak so being directed's not my forte and I'm sure I was a giant pain in the ass. Interesting to do rehearsals by Skype, though, and quite fun. Lots of sound effects as the story wasn't all-dialogue so we needed them to convey what was happening, where the "action" was described in the fic. I ended up with a very well-kissed forearm by the end of the recording – just as well it only has a T rating! :P

Then there's the due South podfic exchange on the AO3. I got a heart-warming Fraser/Kowalski 'fessing up to feelings' story read by [personal profile] lexigent, called Spring Thaw (written by exbex), which is delightful. It's here. I got a bit carried away and recorded four small podfics for Helens78. Hth kindly let me do as he's in it, and Punk gives blanket permission so I recorded her story The Lipstick Mafia. The other two (Long Distance Call and Looks Good on His Knees) were by Helens78 as it's always nice when people record your own stories, plus they were really hot! Quite a few interesting challenges in doing these due South podfics. As he's in it has lots of raw emotion plus I had to try and do a "Kowalski voice" – not easy for me, as my Kiwi accent comes across as slightly posh and Fraserish, I think, not so much like the Rays. The Lipstick Mafia's written in first person Kowalski so that made me take that voice even further, and I experimented with fade-outs as Ray tunes Fraser's expositions out and thinks his own thoughts. I think the effect worked – have a listen and give me feedback! Then the delicious and slightly D/s porn, with Fraser doing phone sex Territories style where I used a special effect for his long-distance voice. The last one's a scorchingly hot threesome with Fraser, Ray V and John Sheppard (on his knees), so obviously I had to record that! Heaps of fun and I'm raring to do more podfic, so that's great. If only there were, like, 36 hours in the day. That'd be excellent; someone should get onto that.

Also, I was the "featured member artist" on fanartivation - it's like interview questions where they get you to talk about your history doing art, and to give samples and talk about your process. So if you want to know any more about the art side of my life, it's all over here.

So, things on the to do list are:
  • A Ronon/John story for Satedan Grabass for the end of April. I know what I'll do, just have to actually apply bum to seat and write it.
  • Posting my kink bingo art as an amnesty fill. But I want to do another fill as well as I have an angsty AU (non-werewolfy) fic bunny about animal play. Oh well, plenty of time for that.
  • All the tentacle art and my (dark and non-con) tentacle fic is posting across April, and the Teen Wolf Crossover Big Bang art also, across April and early May, so they'll all go up on my AO3 fairly soon.
  • And looking ahead to August, I've signed on to do a couple of cover arts and a longer podfic (actually a brace of two medium-long ones) for [community profile] podficbigbang . I'm very excited about the podfic project (Stargate Atlantis fics), especially one of the stories which I've wanted to record for a while. Country music! Cowboys! The wild west! And also in August there's complement art to do for the due South-C6D Big Bang.

So that's what I've been doing. Mostly instead of, y'know, sleep. Or flossing. I did make experimental muffins today, though. With prunes, as we didn't have anything else to go in them. They're surprisingly okay. How have you all been?

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