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Catching up and psychopaths

So, things that have been happening.


I'm all snotty with...I never know, actually. They feel like very short-lived head-colds when I get them, but if I take a few Berocca (mega vit C and B etc) then they clear up in 24-48 hours. Sometimes I wonder if it's not a cold, but more some sort of hayfeverish storm. Haven't had one for ages, but it's gotten very chilly and wet here recently and I've been sleep-deprived (all my own fault).

I've been doing several art projects - three are complements for works that have yet to be posted so are secret, but one is the artwork for the 2013 McShep_Match challenge - a header, banner and icon set for the main challenge and for each team (Cool and Fine). You won't see my name in the sign-up comments because I get a free pass onto one of the teams for having made the art, but I am taking part. Can't miss the final McShep_Match, after all! The team names were a bit more abstract than in some past years, so I went for John and Rodney's facial expressions, to distinguish them. I've just made public a post of all the McShep_Match art, and it's here.

Finished the Retrogradeverse M4B compilation - all the main verse podfics in one big chapterized audiobook. On  DW and LJ. To complete it I podficced an additional story by svmadelyn When Your Job Description (you announce chevrons!) is a Total Lie in which Walter is sent by O'Neill to buy children's underwear and condoms for the Atlantis mission. Teal'c helps.

Due to 1) above, recording my Podfic Big Bang stories is on hold, durn it. I'm looking for an artist for the cover art, so as to make it a collaborative effort like it's supposed to be, and the post requesting that is over here.[personal profile] busaikko's also hooked me up with a heap of great music in the genre.

Modding for the Reversebang is a bit nerve-wracking - really glad we're a trio of mods, to share ideas. It's inherent in the structure of Reversebangs where it's a lot scarier as a mod to contemplate having to do three 10,000 word pinch-hits! If it was a normal BB I could knock off art for 3 stories with a lot less angst. But we're getting there and all is working out okay, largely thanks to the amazing community of writers who're picking up the pinch-hits.

(break to cook wasabi-crusted tuna steak, salad and tempura-fries. Yum.)

Thinky bit about psychopath!fic
- and a few recs
I read this Teen Wolf fic today where Derek's a bit of a psychopath and Stiles is an emotionally disturbed fire-setter. I really liked it and I was thinking about why I like fic about psychopaths. Some is the power dynamics - I like BDSM and dub-con generally - but I think it very much depends on how the author handles the characterization. I only like this sort of fic when the writer makes me sympathize with the characters and root for them, even when they're y'know, strangling people or burning them alive. Which is...pretty messed up, I guess. It's like my loyalty to the pairing overrides the usual moral considerations. Plus, this is fiction, so a part of me isn't taking any of it very seriously, just coasting along enjoying the story without thinking too hard about the implications. This is id-fic, and the id has no scruples. Maybe the more I'm dutiful or responsible in other areas, the more I need the occasional hit of fantasy psychopathy.
Anyway, a few psychopathish fic recs:
John, by kHo (John Sheppard as Dexter) (SGA)
The Shark Trilogy (links are at the 'Shiver' site) by magus_minor and Shiver by Ellex (Similar. John's a sadist controlled by Rodney - BDSM) (SGA)
Crimes Against Humanity, by Seperis (pretty much everyone's a psychopath.) (SGA)
adore to see your eyes fly, by 1001cranes (Derek's the psychopath, Stiles is the fire-setter.) (TW)
Love Cuts Like a Knife, by waketosleep (Hawaii 5-O)
Good Boy, by Copperbadge (NCIS)


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