Mific (mific) wrote,

Icons! and an all-purpose one-pan recipe

Hey, the McShep Match icon contest is happening and anyone can vote - including team members. So go take a look and vote over here! Of course I'm hoping Team Cool wins, as I always need the extra day or so that's the prize, to get my fic submitted before the deadline. /o\

I am, of course, totally overloaded again, working to finish my SGA Reversebang fic and trying to rustle up some sort of outline for my Losers Big Bang Space Pirates one, while thinking about art for other Losers BB teams and recording/editing my Podfic Big Bang entries. Agh! Not everyone does this, right? I hear some people just work on their own projects in a non-rushed, no-deadlines sort of way...*peers longingly through the glass at sensible people*

I posted one of my staple one-pan recipes in a comment over at [personal profile] malnpudl's journal. I call it fake-paella and here's the link. It's yummy.

*dashes off to write some more*

Tags: icons, mcshep_match, recipes, scheduling crisis, stuff i like

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