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...er, hello?

I've been radio silent for a while, apart from posting stuff to AO3 or in McShep Match. Work's been busy, and as usual I took on too many fan-things in various challenges so that's taken up quite a bit of time as well. I've watched friends doing the 'post every day for a month' thing and enjoyed the posts, but I think I'm better to set myself a lower bar - like maybe post every week'd be more my speed!

What's going on here? Spring. It's definitely here with blossom and, god, daffodils, tulips and lambs in the park near my work like a goddam postcard of Springiness. Interspersed with some killer thunderstorms, just to keep things interesting.

I've been trying to read a paper book - the second Shakespeare/Marlowe one by Elizabeth Bear. I read Ink and Steel as an ebook but the sequel Heaven and Earth I could only get in hardcopy. Weird how hard I find it to read an actual book. Maybe I just wasn't quite invested enough in non-fannish reading, or in Will and Kit, but it feels like more work than reading ebooks. Maybe it's because I can see the size and feel the weight and that's more daunting to tackle than the abstraction of a total page count, tiny and mostly hidden at the base of my iphone's kindle screen. I'll try again.

An old friend - we've been friends since we were 5 and kicking each other in the shins in primary school - visited from Aussie. Great to see her, but we mostly commiserated about how shitty it is getting seriously old, both of us looking after elderly Mums in different ways. Neither of us plan to go through that ourselves - the very tail end of life's not a lot of fun, from what we've seen, and that's even with family to look after you, which I won't have. The best revenge on time and mortality is living well, I reckon. Well, enjoying yourself anyway - I never claimed to be living wisely or anything. Living unwisely's the whole point, really.

Favourite quote this week: from Jimmy Spithill, captain of Oracle in the America's Cup. He said it in an attempt at modesty, but the quote sure as hell applied to the NZ boat: "One minute you're a rooster, the next you're a feather duster."

Totally minor tech triumph of the week: finally figuring out how to avoid those damn capital As with carets over them that pepper mobi ebook downloads from AO3. It pisses me off to have them in works I've posted as I dislike them in other peoples' downloads. Solution: remove all unnecessary extra spaces - do a control-F before posting and replace all double-blank-spaces in your fic with single-spaces, and delete any extra spaces at line-ends. Works a treat. I guess I should log it with them as a bug to fix.

Fannish stuff that I've got going on:
Ante Up - The Losers Big Bang
- a ~14,000 word BB Spacepirates fic that I hated for ages as I was blocked and couldn't get started, then it came right in the nick of time, whew.
- 2 art complements for other peoples' fics
- 2 shorter writing complements for other peoples' art
(Yep, this BB's been another one of those blow-outs I get from time to time, where I go overboard in some fest. /o\)

DS-C6D big bang complement art which I'm VERY EXCITED about!

An Apocalypse Kree fic (keen to do a sequel to last year's, but the time's very short so...we'll see)

A couple of auction things after all that, sometime before Christmas - art and a podfic or two.

And then there's 3 SGA stories - non-deadline things I'd really like to do, and will, provided I DON'T TAKE ON ANY MORE DAMN CHALLENGES!

...er, and well, apart from SGA Santa, of course. *hides* (but it's SGA Santa!)
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