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Gifts, thanks and recs

Gifts! Thanks so much!

The reveals have happened for SGA Santa, SGA Art Santa, Yuletide, due South Seekrit Santa and others.

My SGA art santa gift was Ronon vs Christmas, and was by [personal profile] clwilson2006 - as I mentioned before, it's great and very true to Ronon. The Masterlist's here.

My SGA santa gift fic was Lava Hotel by [personal profile] wickedwords which has drugged!Rodney who's high on spice, and John looking after him. I love it to bits. The SGA Santa Masterlist's here.

My due South SS gift fic was A Wolf Walks into a Bar by [personal profile] mizface, featuring Diefenbaker - Miz managed to work an incredible number of hidden references to various shows and characters into the story. Very clever! Here's the dSSS Masterlist

And in a random aside, Diefenbaker and Ronon would get on like a house on fire - yes? YES! (is that a crossover I see before me, the handle towards my hand?)

A few more SGA Santa fic and art recs:

No Matter How Far Away You Roam - by [personal profile] ceitie (Ronon/Amelia - a lovely window into their world)
Knock Loud Enough at the Gate - by skitz_phenom (John/Rodney - lots of plot in a 'different universes' adventure with a great slow build between Rodney and John)
When Your Heart Feels Undone - by [personal profile] busaikko (John/Ronon - character, emotional nuance, Satedan history and culture, and a topping [ha! accidental pun] of D/s play and burning hot Satedan dirty-talk)
Sheppard's Rib - by [personal profile] which (intense and painful John/Rodney argument that's really well depicted, but a strong bond and make-up sex in the offing)
Sheppard and the Mud Frogs - by [personal profile] icarusancalion (a Gen John and Rodney off-world adventure with great dialogue and snark)
The Time Of Your Life - by [personal profile] busaikko (mensa!John/Rod - an awesome twist on the mensaverse with SG1 elements, John-pining and evil!Elizabeth)
When in Pegasus - by [personal profile] rabidfan (a John/Cam fic with some nice Pegasus culture details and writing on the body - always hot)
One New Beginning (And Five False Starts) - by [personal profile] shetiger  (Ladon/Lorne pre-slash if you squint - a great Ladon POV, Genii culture, and an exploration of Ladon's conflicts as he and Lorne get to know each other a little)
Never Tell - by [personal profile] busaikko (John/Rodney - John's sick and grumpy and needs soup. Gorgeous)
One Christmas Night - by brumeier (a before-canon fic - John and Rodney meet when some years younger at a snowed-in airport at Christmas (a bit too apt at present!). John's nicely persistent in pursuing Rodney - and of course they're going to meet again...)
Time - by [personal profile] neevebrody  (art) (a gorgeous manip of the painting "Lovers of the Sun" by Henry Scott Tuke with John and Rodney as skinny-dipping youths)
Five Stars - by [personal profile] trillingstar  (art) (a bakery AU where Lorne's a patisserie chef and Radek's a food critic - super hot pics of them both!)

And a Vid rec - I Like the Way You Move by [personal profile] bironic . OMG THIS IS HOT HOT HOT! This is not my fandom - I've never seen the Chronicles of Riddick movies, but it doesn't matter a damn. It probably helps if you like the track, which I definitely do (a great dance  number). It's Bironic's extraordinary editing that blows me away with this - perfect clip choices and timing as Vin Diesel is tied up, gets free, and kicks ass. MUSCLES. SPOOKY EYES. ALL THE MOVES. A MUST SEE!

My own offerings have gone up on the AO3 by now and were Fellowship (an SGA santa SGA/LOTR fusion for skitz_phenom), Art Appreciation (an SGA santa Lorne/Dex treat for pinch-hitter [personal profile] skinscript ) and Duet (an SGA Art santa Teyla/Kate operatic AU work for [personal profile] falcon_horus ). I'm also gradually archiving six prior artworks I'd overlooked.

I have one or two Yuletide recs although I haven't had time to read much of Yuletide. I'll do them in the next post, and will try to stick to the weekly posting thing - it's a New Year's resolution! 
Happy 2014 everyone, and you guys up in North America wrap up warm and take care, okay? Scary weather!

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