Mific (mific) wrote,

Ideas I'd like to see in the SGA Reversebang - a picspam

I'm going to kick this inspiration post off. As you know, Bob, I recently wrote an SGA/LOTR fusion for SGA Secret Santa, and I'd love to see not necessarily LOTR details as such, but AUs of a Swords & Sorcery type.

There are two main reasons for this sort of AU (apart from my liking AUs a lot).

1. RONON HAS A SWORD (evidence as below - okay, I know his name starts with a C for some of these, but just imagine the beard and dreads)



2. THE WRAITH HAVE SWORDS (and they're kind of like Elves gone to the dark side, right? This theory is illustrated below using Elves and Wraith!)

stargate_vegas_wraith_spike - by wraithworshipper


Jimmy - by taenadoman

Todd - promo pic by Ariane

I mean, the Wraith are kind of embarrassingly OTT and gothic, so why not use that instead of shying away from it? Plus it's a load of fun and Ronon gets to be (even more) awesome. \o/ \o/

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