Mific (mific) wrote,

The "Ask me About" Meme

So here's something that should definitely be a meme.

[personal profile] resonant said: I went to a conference this fall where instead of saying, "Hello, my name is ..." the name tags said, "Ask me about ..."

I loved that. It was a sustainability conference and that narrowed the options a bit, but there was still a surprising variety. "Ask me about organic eggs." "Ask me about green alleys." "Ask me about saving electricity."

We have a huge range of knowledge and talent here. We pretty much know who can draw and write and pod and vid, but if some of you are experts on octopus intelligence or making eclairs or the works of Jane Austen, I would never know it. I wish we had those name tags here.

and then [personal profile] resonant gave several thing we could ask about, like writing a sex scene, organizing, or what not to do when moving house!

I'm going to do the same.

Ask Me About:

Some favourite recipes - like fish curry (great for left-overs), a very tasty asparagus dip recipe, and pineapple upside-down cake

How to cheaply expand your costume jewelry collection (especially if you hoard paste or like second-hand shopping)

A site and software to make your own books (mine have been with pictures and text) and get them printed professionally

Tips for making a good manip that doesn't look pasted-on and wonky

Back-up methods for your data - are you as paranoid as I am that you'll lose everything? I can tell you what I've done anyway, in the last while since my digital life became almost more important than the analogue world!

Why a walker's better than a wheelchair if you're looking after an aged-P

My best tip for not getting head colds

Free software to easily make chapterized audiobooks (M4Bs) with covers, out of MP3s

How I make ebooks of everything I can't download from AO3, and my current favourite ebook-reader on iPhone/iPad

The best grooming aid for a semi-longhaired fluffy cat that I've discovered, and where to get it

...and hey - why don't you tell me what I can ask you about, on your own journal? :)
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