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Er, Hi

Hi again, and sorry for dropping off the posting radar.
As usual, I got swamped by stuff. RL work stuff (the main culprit), and helping mod the SGA Reversebang stuff (fun!), and some art and writing.

Brief RL whinge
Work is exhausting and not really doable. I had to cut back to half time to look after my Mum following the Christchurch quake, but even with some bits of the job shaved off and given to another person, there's still way more than half of the job left to do. So I'm struggling with that, and Mum's needing more care, inexorably. I know I'm choosing to keep doing all this, but it doesn't feel like I have many options right now, or not ones I can live with. I tend to battle on until something major changes and tips us into a different status quo. Like the quake did.
So...very grateful to have the internet, and fandom.

Things I've read or watched.
Ancilliary Justice by Ann Leckie. Excellent sweeping space-drama with amazing world-building. I don't read a lot of non-fanfic novels these days, but this gripped me from the start and was thoroughly enjoyable. There's also some deliberate gender-confusion as the main culture doesn't have gendered words (she/her as default for everyone), which is interesting, but takes a little getting used to. I found a good review that reassured me that what I thought was going on with the pronouns was indeed what was going on, then I was able to get on with the book.
Sherlock season 3 (we get it later than the rest of the world, of course). Irritating. Overblown, too clever clever, too tortuous. Occasional good bits and I still like John and Sherlock, but those responsible (not the actors) need a good slapping.
(known in our household as "weedy Sherlock") is much better for emotional realism and believability. But I missed a few key eps of Elementary in S2 so have given up trying to watch it with chunks missing and will get it on DVD.
I'm enjoying Rake - an Aussie series about a disreputable lawyer with the mandatory heart of gold. A bit predictable, but he's a very entertaining bad boy, and I do like bad boys.
QI - one of the few shows Mum and I can both enjoy, although I'm not sure she gets most of the jokes, what with deafness and slow processing. Discovered a wonderful RPS romance between Stephen Fry and Alan Davies, written by [personal profile] leupagus  and [personal profile] queenklu. Brilliant character voices, sweet and hilarious. Snips and Snails and Fuzzy Blue Whales. I printed it off for Mum to read, but I think the pop/media references went over her head. It's made watching QI even more fun.
In other fanfic, I've mostly been rereading. Like [personal profile] vain_glorious , because I needed my heart ripped out again, agh. Enjoying a new (to me) SGA writer Bomberqueen17, who foxed me initially with the different AO3 handle ([personal profile] dragonlady7  on DW/LJ). I'm holding off on BQ17's latest WIP as I avoid WIPs if at all possible, but they get posted in reasonably meaty chunks, so I'll most likely cave.

Stuff I've posted
Did my art for the Reversebang (won't be posted for a while yet), but it's otherwise been quiet on the art front this month (archived some old ones at AO3, but nothing new lately). Mildly cheered by an email today from the OTW Communications committee asking to use one of my artworks in a promo vid they're making to explain transformative works to non-fandom users. Probably as this one is fanart of an amine show and the art uses an image from a cosplay - so at least 2 layers of transformation there. It's Onwards (Seirei no Moribito fandom).

On the writing front, I have my Reversebang claim, and a number of ideas, but haven't buckled down to writing yet. To get the juices flowing I've been doing a few shorter works. Like Rodney Talks, for sga_saturday (McShep pre-slash, G, 1st person POV).
I've signed on for the return of Remix (Remix Redux XI: The Eleventh Hour - signups) and after knocking out three 500-1000 word stories, qualify in SGA, The Losers, Sherlock (TV) and Sherlock Holmes (ACD). I'll write in one of those four as well. The stories were How Much Worse Can It Get? (The Losers, Jake and Pooch gen, T), Observation, Hypothesis, Experiment (BBC_Sherlock, Sherlock/John, T), and Incontrovertible Evidence (Lestrade POV, Holmes/Watson, T).

Actually, it's a while since I updated, so there are a few works from Jan and Feb as well. The SGA_Love post-Valentines festival was fun, and I did art Strip Chess (John/Radek, M), a recs list of non-McShep or non-fluffy relationship stories and art, and a fic Five Things Ronon Loves (John/Ronon, NC17), which also introduced me to the hot_shex LJ comm. In earlier stargatey things, there was John Reclining (a naked yet tasteful Sheppard manip, thanks to Burt and Cosmo), and In the Drift for [personal profile] ignemferam , for sg_flyboys (Cam/John, SGA/SG1/Pacific Rim, NC17).

Oh, and if you haven't yet seen the Pacific Rim vid Moves Like Jaeger, by Di, run don't walk. Brilliant and very up-cheering (take that, kaiju!). There were several [community profile] festivids  I liked a lot. I should do a few recs I guess, although I haven't watched all I wanted to, because of aforementioned shit hitting the fan. Oh No! by [personal profile] absolutedestiny  was a wallow in yummy Prince nostalgia, and Wherever You Will Go (Wallace & Gromit) by [personal profile] rhoboat  was heartrending and wonderful. By and By by [personal profile] blithesea  is BRILLIANT (Pride and Prejudice's Mr. Collins, hilarious). Gasoline by [personal profile] trelkez is a hot and punchy Die Hard vid with ace editing and some nicely slashy eye-fucking, and Cuz I Can by [personal profile] rhea314  is a feel-good blast for Losers fans. (You Drive Me) Crazy by CherryIce is a popular fave and okay, but it's mainly good if you haven't seen Sharknado - just watch the vid.

Ante-up Losers posted, and I did Get Your Hate On for [personal profile] amaresu  (Aisha and Jake, Losers/SG1 crossover, gen, rated M) and art -  Jacinta and Carlita Kick Ass with genderbent Jake and Carlos.

Tech hassles and solutions
Dropped the iPhone one time too many and the damn on/off button stopped working. I gather it's a common problem. The solution is to use the accessibility feature Assistive Touch (Tap Settings, General, Accessibility, AssistiveTouch ON.  Gives you a small dark square with a circle in the middle (can move it anywhere).  Tap the circle to open the AssistiveTouch menu, then Device (to lock screen) and tap and hold the Lock Screen icon for the Power-Off slider. Plug into PC to turn on again.)
My new PC had Office7 loaded and Word7 drove me crazy with one damn bug after another. No drag & drop, then no pasting, etc. etc. Only a full reboot fixed it, briefly. So I found a cheap version of Office 2010 ($110 in downunder dollars)  and upgraded, and that's solved it. Played a bit with OpenOffice meanwhile, but its text editing functions are clunkier so I'm back with the Evil Empire again.

And that's more than enough from me (activates shield, submerges again...)
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