Mific (mific) wrote,

2048 - a bunch of versions

I did this post first just for the SG1 version then found a lot more so here's a bunch of them. Hey, at least it's a VARIED addiction!

SG1 version
Courtesy of [personal profile] dira , a great SG1 version - sophisticated construction as it starts with the bad guys and you work up to the team when  you're winning. Of course, that means I see a lot of damn replicators and Jaffa. Can anyone more conversant with SG1 canon tell me who the silver-haired baddie is? SG1 version by leisurelybro.

Swearing edition
This is going to be way too tame for me... @#!!**###@! (and yeah - initially cathartic but ultimately annoying, as it seems to be British swearing - fucksticks? nob? - and to move from 'heavier' words like fuck at first to 'vagina' which last time I checked, isn't swearing at all  ["Oh vagina", she swore, holding aloft the broken decanter."] So who knows what the 11th word is - tell me if you can stand to play until you find out, as I never get above about level 8 in any version.)

Sherlock derp faces edition
Sherlock characters pulling faces

Benedict Cumberpatch and Otters edition

Oh yeah. Otters FTW! - it's by MartinBelam. This one's superb as the otters are pulling the same faces as Cumberpatch but with exponentially more cuteness. I did better at this than usual because of being highly motivated to generate otters.

Michael Jackson edition
Gripping and horrifying. As you progress he turns from a cheerful black kid into a strange white-skinned woman. MJ version by JonniB

The Large Hardon (ahahah that'd be Hadron actually) Collider edition (this one's my absolute favourite!)
Mash subatomic particles together to make the Higgs boson!!!   \o/\o/\o/ Man, quarks have totally weird names. (and this version really tests out the frontal lobes - trying to hit the down arrow to mash together two "up" quarks makes the old brain whimper a bit)

...and after that typo, I really really want a large hardon collider. *pouts*
(I am of course not the first to have done this:
Lying prostate on the floor in the Large Hardon Collider won't win you much pubic sympathy)
Tags: 2048 addiction, best typo ever, sg1

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