Mific (mific) wrote,

My Crossovering Dear Writer letter

I really shouldn't be taking on any new challenges, but I do love crossovers and it's a relatively short wordcount, so...I couldn't resist.

This is for whoever's matched with me - hi!
I probably organised my clusters of fandoms in a similar way to most people - mostly by genre. However, feel free to make them AUs if you like, in which case anything goes (except for the characters). And the main thing is that you enjoy yourself crossovering. I'll be thrilled with whatever you come up with.

I've got three clusters.

1. Firefly, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, and Walking Dead.
As in the sign-up, these are mostly sci-fi, with possible zombies in the mix, if you're into zombie apocafic, but feel free to leave those out if you're not. Totally different time periods, what with Firefly in there as well, but any creative way you can join them would be fine by me. Time travel, quantum mirrors, whatever.

2. Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Highlander: The Series, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Pacific Rim (2013). 
So this is mostly superheroes, immortals with superpowers, and super-powerful Jaegers. Not to mention monsters in the mix as well, especially in the Avengers/marvel, and Pacific Rim. Maybe the Avengers help out the Jaegers? Maybe the Hulk gets mistaken for a Kaiju? Anything goes.

3. Greek and Roman Mythology, Merlin (TV), Supernatural, Teen Wolf (TV). 
And just for something different, this bunch are more about magic, gods, demons and the supernatural. Merlin's time-period was soon after the Romans, so it figures there might still be a few Greco-Roman gods interfering with stuff. And Supernatural and Teen Wolf have a lot of correlations. But any way you'd like to mix them up is fine by me.

Happy crossovering!
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