Mific (mific) wrote,

Two vid recs hot off the press

Yes yes yes, worst journaler ever, I know.  I 'll do some sort of catch up...in a bit.

[personal profile] valika  made two vids at the end of the SGA 10 Years Later fest. Run, don't walk - they're both really great.

Love Love Love is the ultimate feel-good hugs and kisses vid. It's as much SG1 as SGA so there's lots there for the SG1 folks as well. Funny and poignant and man, all that kissing hit my kink buttons. Snappy editing and great clip choices, it leaves you feeling very cheerful.
There are ALL the pairings ever here, so if you're fiercely OTP this may not be for you, but I loved it.

The Replicators Strike Back spoofs a Star Wars intro then goes a little meta and has cartoon speech bubbles to tell the story. It's total crack, and very funny indeed.

Tags: recs, sg1, sga, vids

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