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dSSS dear Santa letter

Okay - confession time. I hate the AO3 exchange-challenge sign-up interface and find it really hard to use. Even for me, it's kind of tricky to go back over my requests and figure what I was on about. But I'll have a go at translating the request format into something simpler, for both our sakes.

First and most importantly - thanks so much for creating something for me, and I really will be thrilled with whatever you make, so the main thing is for you to do what you like and have fun.

Request One: this is about the three of them: Fraser, Ray V, and Ray K. Be it threesome slash, or friendship gen, either's fine. I'd prefer they ended up happy together either in a gen or a slashy way, rather than one of the three getting abandoned or left out, but angst along the way is fine. Happy with any rating, any medium.

Request Two: this is about Fraser's family of origin, so Bob and Caroline and/or George and Martha, and Fraser himself at any age. I'm interested in the relationships, what happened with Muldoon, why Bob became a ghost, did he and Caroline have any last adventures as ghosts after the end of COTW, etc. Bring in any other characters you want, any medium, probably a lower rated het or essentially gen story, given the context.

Request Three: and this one's your classic Ray K/Fraser slash focus. I've suggested a friends to lovers idea, but am happy for anything. I've also suggested an AU as I love AUs, and that goes for any of the requests above - put them all in an AU setting or a fusion and I'll be delighted. You can see the fandoms I've ever been involved in on my AO3 dashboard, but I'm open to any fusions or crossovers - I like them a lot and would read up about another fandom if I didn't know it, although I might not get all your clever nuances!  :)

Thanks again!
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