Mific (mific) wrote,

General whinging

It's been a difficult few days. First google stopped working at home, so everything needing a login like gmail and (crucially) calendar are no go. Then 2 days ago a power outage fried the pc so it won't start. It's in the shop and I'm struggling with my iphone and useless useless android pad. I think I'll have to get a proper laptop. The SKY TV box also got fried but they fixed that. Mum's been vague and muddled and I know we're slowly tilting into our current set-up collapsing but I can't bear to think about it and this is why I need the damn computer! In better news, the car's fixed but now its aircon's broken, sigh. But I made crepes in the power outage (us primitives on the outskirts of civilization having learned to always have a camping gas stove and lamp) which were remarkably tasty just rolled up with raspberry jam inside. I'm consoling myself with re-listening to Fayjay's reading of Auburn's Gypsies Tramps and Thieves (when out driving) and rereading the Water Grinds the Stone, as I needed a properly long fic to immerse myself. It could be worse. I mean, it probably will be worse in the not so distant future, but sufficient unto the day.
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